Monday, 12 November 2012

White marble statue

For another commission, I have been asked to paint up the Space Marine statue from the 'Honoured Imperium' boxset to look like white marble.

Now upon doing some research it was clear that real statues made from marble are pretty much just white, with very faint black markings, which in the realm of 40k would just look boring. So after speaking with the customer we decided that it would better and more interesting to paint it in a style like these.....

So after some thinking I got cracking and came up with this....

It's just a grey undercoat, prayed white, heavily gloss varnished. Once that's all dry I used a black oil paint to apply patches and streaks. This was slightly thinned with white spirit as to make it appear faint. Once that was dry I applied stronger lines and blotches of black, then again using a brush damp with white spirit just pushed and dampened the lines to stump them.

It still needs some work but it's a start.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sisters of Battle commission: Finished

Well it's taken longer than I had expected but the Sisters will be sent off tomorrow. They will have final touch-ups and detailing done later tonight but right now they still look good as a finished squad...

Whilst I enjoyed painting Celestine, the Seraphim not so much. I'm really not a fan of metal models, and especially with these being old sculpts they just seem too outdated, the detailing is just not the same as newer models and I can't help feel I would have preferred them in resin. At least then they would have been 'crisper'

But anyway, they're done and my third commission has been I just have 9 more to do!!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Sisters of Battle Commission

And finally, the last post of the day. After the Omega, I was then commissioned to paint up a number of Sisters of Battle (10 Seraphim and one Saint Celestine)

This is the progress I've made so far....

Celestine is done and has a removeable base so she can either use a 25mm or 40mm. This was due to confusion of which base she was supposed to be on, since me and the customer had both seen pictures of her on both base sizes.

The Seraphim are close to completion...

They should all be with the customer in a week hopefully..


Macharius Omega Commission

And here I am with the second update of the day!!

Following my Elsyians, I was then Commissioned to paint up a Macharius Omega for another customer. The Omega was originally my own model that was damaged when I tried to strip the paint off it. The customer wanted a battle worn look to it anyway, so the damaged model was perfect.

I was pretty much left to my own devices when it came to painting, he was happy for anything as long as the driver was in his current scheme of Black and Khaki.

After much work this was the finished result....

The pictures you have just seen were actually taken after I had some bad news. I had sent the finished Omega to the customer in France in Septemeber, only to have it go missing. Distraught after the effort I had put into it, I considered painting another one for the customer as a gensture of goodwill. However, a few days ago, the Omega returned to pieces. It had made it to France only to be returned for unknown reasons. Howeverm I quickly fixed her up and luckily the customer had moved to England, so I sent her off again today and hopefully she'll arrive tomorrow in one piece to yet another very happy customer.


Elysian Commission

Blimey, 6 months have past. Hello to any and all, I'm afraid I have neglected this blog recently, but, for no longer!

Since my last post I have somehow managed to secure a whole heap of Commission work and I've been the happiest I've ever felt. I promise to update this blog much more regularly from now on so keep your eyes peeled. 

After going back through my posts, it appears I never posted my first commission, so here it is......

The customer requested I paint up both an Elysian Venator and Tauros for his army. He wanted the same colour scheme as his army, however, he used very different paints to me so I had to take a chance and choose something similar. 

He liked the idea of having them very chipped and battered and so the painting process began....

Starting with a dark Mahogonay basecoat I then used the Hairspray emthod of chipping, applying a layer of Vallejo Sand Yellow over the dark brown.....

I then used a damp toothbrush to 'chip' away at the Sand Yellow to create chips and scratches....

Now since this was done months ago I actually can't remember a lot of how I painted it, I think the next step was a pin wash of Gryphonne Sepia by the looks of it, as well as a dark Maroon for the seat....

 The wheels were then painted Chaos Black, drybrushed Codex Grey and then weathered using dry pigments....

The rest of the parts were then painted in the same way....

The customer requested the drivers and gunner be painted in the same scheme he had already used, a Blue Armour and Khaki Fatigues...

 After a bit more work the customer was extremely thrilled to recieve these two....

The customer was so happy that he has since commissioned me to paint 4 more (2 more of each) and I can't wait to start them.

Well, that's one update for the moment, I'll post a second in a few minutes time.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Aegis Defence Line

Well I have returned and this time with something a bit different!

Some weatherin techniques I've experimented with, which has turned into a project in itself. I had loads of Aegis Defence Lines left over from an old trade, and they've just been sitting on my desk for ages, so it was time I used them! I decided to practice on them, but it's turned out quite well so these defence lines will be fully painted and then sold.

Anyway, here's the pictures.....

Monday, 16 April 2012

Banner Bearer

Time for a much needed update! I don't have much to show though, so this will have t do!

My new Banner Bearer for my CCS...

It's a nice edited pic so enjoy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Missing pieces...

Well I'm back again and with a massive update of everything that I haven't shown already!

My Guard army is still well under way with some new additions. The next few photos will show my new Chimera and my Tanith models which will be used as Veterans with Camo Cloaks.


As with the rest of my army, the snow was made using crushed Rock-salt and applied over the tank in a manner I felt real snow would settle. So far it's had positive feedback from the IGMB.

Next up is my Tanith 'Veteran' Squad. I acquired these minis in a trade and they are fantastic. I've been busy working on them over the past 2 days and here's where I am at the moment...


I'm so pleased with the OSL, it's probably the most effective attempt at it I've ever had. I've still got another 3 undercoated so I'll have a squad of 8 when they're all finished. I like the Plasma gun so much that I've just re-painted the other Plasma rifle in the same manner.

I have also finished my Leman Russ which I am also pleased with.

Leman Russ

Now I was planning on showing my finished Display Shelf too, however Blogger hates me adding photos and it's a complete nightmare and right now I'm fed up with constantly refreshing the page and firmly clicking the left mouse button. So instead I'm going to link to my IGMB thread with all of the pictures in.

Until next time,