Monday, 22 October 2012

Macharius Omega Commission

And here I am with the second update of the day!!

Following my Elsyians, I was then Commissioned to paint up a Macharius Omega for another customer. The Omega was originally my own model that was damaged when I tried to strip the paint off it. The customer wanted a battle worn look to it anyway, so the damaged model was perfect.

I was pretty much left to my own devices when it came to painting, he was happy for anything as long as the driver was in his current scheme of Black and Khaki.

After much work this was the finished result....

The pictures you have just seen were actually taken after I had some bad news. I had sent the finished Omega to the customer in France in Septemeber, only to have it go missing. Distraught after the effort I had put into it, I considered painting another one for the customer as a gensture of goodwill. However, a few days ago, the Omega returned to pieces. It had made it to France only to be returned for unknown reasons. Howeverm I quickly fixed her up and luckily the customer had moved to England, so I sent her off again today and hopefully she'll arrive tomorrow in one piece to yet another very happy customer.



  1. I'm personally not too keen on the Omega, but the Macharius is one beauty. Probably my favourite 40k tank of all time. Which is why I'll be getting one when my finances let me do so :)

    Keep the updates coming!

  2. Yeah it is a really nice tank, I look forward to seeing yours when you get it!

  3. I love this tank, excellent job!

  4. Looks amazing, love the tank and think the griminess is awesome. Would you mind telling me which paints you used? Not a good painter myself, but having just bought the tank, I think I want to paint it like this!