Monday, 5 December 2011

Warhound Titan- Almost done

Well I was getting a little behind on the Titan ad felt that if I didn't carry on soon, I'd get extremely bored of it and would never finish it. So with the interior mostly done, I decided to build most of the body which leaves me with just a few details and the weapons left to do....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Warhound Titan- Update

Well here's an update to the Warhound. I've built everything in there sections and have undercoated most of them.

I've been busy painting the legs and feet and thought I'd post some pictures..

 The legs were amazing to build, as much as it sounds strange! All the individual parts and pistons make it a challenge, but it's rewarding to see the finished thing and just how powerful they look. You start to really get a sense of just how powerful Titans would be if they were real......*prays that happens one day*

 Once they were built I started drybrushing with Tamiya 'Titanium Silver' , followed by Chainmail and Mithril Silver.

There's so much detail on the toes it's unbelieveable, you really don't see it on the photos on the Forgeworld website.

Well, back to painting.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Warhound Titan

Well I recently got my hands on a Lucius Pattern Warhound and I have to say that it is an EPIC kit!

I'm taking my time with it and have just finished painting the head...

All the parts are very well moulded and so far I've had no problem with assembly, the right leg has gone together a treat and fiting all the individual pistons was really interesting.

Hopefully some more updates soon.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Heresy continues....

I've so far complete 3 of the Bloodletters...

I've really fallen in love with these minis, and I may buy some more. But I'm currently contemplating buying a Warhound Titan....

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bloodletter Daemons.....turning Heretic.

In the usual way that most of my projects started, this one began with a journey into town!

I saw a box of Bloodletters in the local Toy Shop, and seeing the price of £15 I decided to buy them.

I'm really glad I did, as these are some of the best looking minis I've ever built, even unpainted they just look great!!

This guy was the guinea pig, and I'm happy with how he turned out so the rest will follow soon


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Scout Sergeant

My Imperial Fists Scout Sergeant was finished earlier so I thought I'd throw some pictures up.

He's slightly more detailed than the Marines, and I think he turned out quite well! 

The rest of the Squad should be completed by the weekend, and hopefully they'll look great as a unit!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Imperial Fists Army

Well I'm back again. In a previous post I outlined my plans for a new Space Marine army, with the dark green and black scheme (about 2 posts down).

Well, that has since turned into this......

They are the 5th Company of the Imperial Fists, and the painting style is a very quick and simple one, this allows me to paint a large force in a short amount of time.

I currently have a scout squad almost done, then it'll be onto a Dreadnought. After that I'll be bulking out the infantry and possibly getting a Land Raider or Vindicator.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Space Marine Artwork Mk II

Right well hello again.

I decided to carry on my painting and started this little thing....

As you can see he's still very WIP but it shouldn't take too long to finishs,


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chaos Marine- Finished Artworks.

Well last week I finished my Space Marines counterpart..

I'm really happy with how they both turned out. A few things could be improved but that always happens.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I am a Space Marine

Hello to those following this blog, I bring more goodies!

For the past total of 2 1/2 hours, I've been painting a canvas...

I'm really happy with it and wanted to share. Just normal Acrylics, nothing special.


Friday, 9 September 2011

New Space Marine project

Recently I've left the hobby behind as other things have gotten in the way. However today I sat at my desk for the first time in a while and decided I'm never going to stop. So I set myself a task, to actually complete a full Army in the hopes of eventually using it in a game. Now despite all of the different races, I ended up going back to Space Marines. The reason for this is purely the amount of customization available now with all of the different kits.

The one problem I've had with most Space Marines I've seen is the lack of identity. After playing Dawn of War II again, I fell in love with the wargear side of things, and how Space Marine armour can be so individual. So this is something I want to emulate in an army, every marine wearing a slightly different style, so I was thinking of getting my hands on any cool looking parts, like the FW Red Scorpion bodies, the Armour Variants etc. 

And with that, I started using the Space Marine painter to come up with a scheme. This is a very dull and somewhat plain scheme, but this is what I want. With all the bling and silvery stuff coming from the various trinkets and such that will adorn the Marines themselves as this is what I imagine them to look like.




Obviously it's hard to show the variations on the the Painter, but you get the idea of the scheme.

Hopefully this project will kick off in the next few weeks, so look out for more.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Imperial Fists Cont.. 2

Well I've been away for a while but I'm back.

I haven't been doing as much work on the Fists as I'd hoped, so I think when I've finished the third one I'm going to call an end to this project and move on to something else, but until then here'sa more recent picture.


Friday, 5 August 2011

Imperial Fists Cont..

Well the second Termie is done, I paid closer attention to the TH on this one. Still some areas to tidy up a little, but he's done for now.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Imperial Fists

Well I'm back with more painting goodness....I hope..

This was an attempt to see how well I could paint if I really tried, so I hope you enjoy.


Monday, 1 August 2011

The Greenskin horde grows...

Well I've been very quiet lately on here I admit, but hopefully I'm back with some goodies.

The Orks have grown since the first unit of Nobz, and now have what you see below...

I'm currently working on some Storm Boyz and Grotz, but it's slow going, so keep your eyes peeled


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Well time for an update I believe, so here's some Orks I've just finished. The took me about a day altogether, but I'm getting some Ork Boy'z tomorrow so keep an eye out for another update soon..


Monday, 23 May 2011

Imperial Guard objective.

Well I'm back to those who are following this thread.

I've recently entered an online competition based around Objectives. Now whilst I don't actually play, I saw this as a fun little oppurtunity.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

'A change of scenery'

Hello to you all,

Yesterday whilst tidying my room I threw out some old model ships I had, but I decided to keep the stands they were sitting on. The moment I saw them, I thought they looked like some sort of electricity pylon...thing. 

So after a bit of rummaging for parts and some tinkering, I very quickly made this....

A very quick build and paintjob, but that's all it needs to be.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ultra Smurf is done...

He was completed last week and I'm quite proud of him. The pictures are a little bright, he looks slightly darker in reality.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Showcase Ultra Smurf

Last year I bought the fantastic 'Showcase Space Marine' from Forgeworld, and it's one of the best models ever!

I originally painted him as a Black Templar, but due to boredom today he's been reborn (partially) as an Ultra Marine.....

Hopefully I'll get some more done tomorrow.