Thursday, 29 March 2012

Missing pieces...

Well I'm back again and with a massive update of everything that I haven't shown already!

My Guard army is still well under way with some new additions. The next few photos will show my new Chimera and my Tanith models which will be used as Veterans with Camo Cloaks.


As with the rest of my army, the snow was made using crushed Rock-salt and applied over the tank in a manner I felt real snow would settle. So far it's had positive feedback from the IGMB.

Next up is my Tanith 'Veteran' Squad. I acquired these minis in a trade and they are fantastic. I've been busy working on them over the past 2 days and here's where I am at the moment...


I'm so pleased with the OSL, it's probably the most effective attempt at it I've ever had. I've still got another 3 undercoated so I'll have a squad of 8 when they're all finished. I like the Plasma gun so much that I've just re-painted the other Plasma rifle in the same manner.

I have also finished my Leman Russ which I am also pleased with.

Leman Russ

Now I was planning on showing my finished Display Shelf too, however Blogger hates me adding photos and it's a complete nightmare and right now I'm fed up with constantly refreshing the page and firmly clicking the left mouse button. So instead I'm going to link to my IGMB thread with all of the pictures in.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Imperial Guard Army

Well, that is my Imperial Army as it stands at the moment. I've slowly been keeping it going and it will soon come to an end.