Friday, 9 September 2011

New Space Marine project

Recently I've left the hobby behind as other things have gotten in the way. However today I sat at my desk for the first time in a while and decided I'm never going to stop. So I set myself a task, to actually complete a full Army in the hopes of eventually using it in a game. Now despite all of the different races, I ended up going back to Space Marines. The reason for this is purely the amount of customization available now with all of the different kits.

The one problem I've had with most Space Marines I've seen is the lack of identity. After playing Dawn of War II again, I fell in love with the wargear side of things, and how Space Marine armour can be so individual. So this is something I want to emulate in an army, every marine wearing a slightly different style, so I was thinking of getting my hands on any cool looking parts, like the FW Red Scorpion bodies, the Armour Variants etc. 

And with that, I started using the Space Marine painter to come up with a scheme. This is a very dull and somewhat plain scheme, but this is what I want. With all the bling and silvery stuff coming from the various trinkets and such that will adorn the Marines themselves as this is what I imagine them to look like.




Obviously it's hard to show the variations on the the Painter, but you get the idea of the scheme.

Hopefully this project will kick off in the next few weeks, so look out for more.

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