Monday, 12 November 2012

White marble statue

For another commission, I have been asked to paint up the Space Marine statue from the 'Honoured Imperium' boxset to look like white marble.

Now upon doing some research it was clear that real statues made from marble are pretty much just white, with very faint black markings, which in the realm of 40k would just look boring. So after speaking with the customer we decided that it would better and more interesting to paint it in a style like these.....

So after some thinking I got cracking and came up with this....

It's just a grey undercoat, prayed white, heavily gloss varnished. Once that's all dry I used a black oil paint to apply patches and streaks. This was slightly thinned with white spirit as to make it appear faint. Once that was dry I applied stronger lines and blotches of black, then again using a brush damp with white spirit just pushed and dampened the lines to stump them.

It still needs some work but it's a start.


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