Thursday, 9 February 2012

Poster restoration

Well before christmas I recieved my copy of 'Catechism of Hate' from Black Library, the £30 limited edition one......and I regretted it. Mainly because of the awesome poster that came with it. The artwork is fantastic, however........they stupidly folded the poster. Who folds a poster?! So needless to say, it was ruined with severe crease marks. So I left it under 4 heavy books for the past month or so to completely flatten it, and now I've started to restore it.....

It's looking a lot better and once it's done I will frame it, because it's just a great piece of artwork. I did post this same picture on Black Librarys Facebook page.....and surprise surprise they deleted it! Hey ho, until next time.



  1. I know exactly what you mean. ForgeWorld did that same thing with their fantastic Badab War posters I received with my Imperial Armour 9&10 box set. The one I decided to frame was the Astral Claw Dreadnaught poster which of course had some harsh crease marks but it seems to be flattening out quite nicely.

  2. I wouldn't expect Forge World to do it, it's just logic to always roll a poster. Well I've flattened this one like I said but I'm colouring in the marks by hand to hide the creases, then I'll be framing it. It's turning out fairly well I think.